Course Detail
Course Detail

Course Detail

Target Group

The wildlife issues and their management are dealt at different levels and therefore three distinct targets groups have been identified.

  • Forest Staff, including ACF, RFO, Forester/FEA and Beat Guard.
  • The People living in and around the sanctuary and National parks.
  • Primary school students
  • Resource person for Nature Education Camps

Course Module

Keeping in view the various specific issues of wildlife, the course has been redesigned, it includes the restructuring of topics, due weightage to the topics on the basis of importance, more input of practical issues related to capturing and overall orientation. The detailed Course material has been prepared and is being provided.

Course Duration

The duration of the course has been kept for one to five days, careful planning has been done to ensure the proper spread of such trainees, which involves selection of trainers from entire state.

  • Forest Staff:
  • ACF - 3 days
  • RFO - 5 days (Refresher course)
  • Forester/FEA - 3 days
  • Beat Guard - 2 days
  • The members of Eco Tourism Committees and Eco Development Committees living in and around the wild life Sanctuary and National parks-One day.
  • Primary school students - 3 Days in Nature Education Camps

Course Contents

The course content is customized to suit the requirement of different cadre i.e. ACF, RFO, Forester/FEA and Beat Guard. The course content comprises field tour, field exercises and theory the subject include Indian wildlife act, habitat management, wild life human conflict, management plan preparation, wildlife ecology, census and surveys, wildlife handling and rescue techniques.

Course Venue

The training is imparted at the training center at Gandhinagar as well as at the locations in or around sanctuary and national park.

Facilities available to conduct Training programs

  • Lecture Hall
  • Bus (35 seated)
  • Bus (35 seated)
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