E - Auction
E - Auction

E- Auction


An online auction where registered bidders (in this case timber merchant) submit their offers electronically against the timber lots from various depots displayed on the website. The Forest Department holds its e-auction on the website :www.nprocure.comExternal website that opens in a new window. Gujarat is the first state in India to adopt web based method using Information and communications technology (ICT) for the auction of various types of timber. Thus Timber e auction refers to Gujarat Forest Departments' novel initiative of using of Information and communications technology (ICT) particularly web based internet applications to enhance the access to and delivery of Forest Department's services of timber auction to Citizens (G2C) and Business (timber merchants)-(G2B) to improve efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and the accountability of the entire timber auction process.

E- Auction

What is e-Auction?

Where a Buyer/Seller uses an electronic system to seek and receive electronic bids from multiple sellers/buyers with the objective of receiving the Lowest or Highest price.

An Internet based Auction is a way of buying or selling items such that one buyer / seller interacts with a number of sellers / buyers at the same time on a common platform over the Internet. The idea is to create a marketplace for the item being auctioned.

In other words e-Auction is a part of the strategic sourcing process. It is a procurement tool using web based software that allows suppliers to bid online for a contract for the supply of goods or services.

How Suppliers are supported during the Auction?

e-Auctions are generally managed by an auction service provider and during the process you should receive:

  • An experienced Event Manager to help make the e-Auction a success
  • Each supplier is trained by the Event Manager to ensure familiarity with software.
  • A "Mock e-Auction" is run to allow participating suppliers to gain experience in bidding
  • Communication channels are set up between all parties to ensure no problems on the day of the e-Auction
  • Dedicated operational and technical support for all participants

Know the Benefit to Buyer

  • Encourages competitive behavior amongst suppliers in a dynamic real time environment with a finite start and finish date.
  • Potential to secure better terms through a transparent and secure electronic communication medium
  • Provides a quick, efficient and paperless process, reducing business overheads and allowing more time for strategic procurement activity
  • Demonstrates value for money

Know the Benefit to Supplier

  • Question : How do you as suppliers know what price to tender?
  • Auctions allow :
    • Suppliers to adjust their bid quickly in response to real time market pressures
    • Suppliers to get more than one opportunity to win the business
    • All short listed suppliers to modify their terms to improve their overall quality / cost ranking

Benefit Summery

  • Dynamic real-time competition happens where one bidder is aware of the prices, what his / her competitors are offering
  • Web-enabled capability to offer best quotation for commodities and services
  • Only Pre-approve the suppliers/bidders participates in the auction
  • Suppliers/bidders can bid down prices, bid more than once and their identities are unknown to each other
  • Established auction start and end times
  • Reduces the finalization of tender cycle time
  • Competition in an automated environment

Know the Formats of Internet based Auction



An auction in which 1 seller interacts with a number of prospective buyers. Depending on the utility of the item to the buyers, the price of the item keeps on increasing till no buyer is willing to buy that item for a higher price. A typical application of this is in selling scrap, vehicles, machineries etc.


An auction in which 1 buyer interacts with a number of prospective sellers. Depending on the attractiveness of the sale to the seller, the price keeps on decreasing till no seller is willing to sell that item for a lower price. A typical application of this is in industrial procurement.



How do I register?

On the top-right corner of the home page of the website, you will be able to see the 'Register' button. You will be asked to choose the auctioneer with whom you would like to be associated with. Based on your selection, you need to fill up a form with necessary details. The Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and other scrutiny processes will have to be manually done by you at the respective department. Once your registration request is submitted, the respective department user will verify your application and on the approval of your application, you will be officially registered with us.

How do I login?

If your registration request has been approved, you can click on the 'Login' button on the top-right corner of the home page of the website. You can enter the username and password that you had entered at the time of registration.

I am having trouble logging in. Who can help me?

You may call up the helpdesk to get clarity on any bidding related issue. The helpline numbers are given in the 'Contact Us' page.

Do I need to login to participate in an auction?

Yes. This is an online auction. You need to login and enter the live auction to participate.

What is the basic requirement for this auction engine to run on my PC/Laptop?

This auction engine works best on Internet Explorer 9 and above.

What should I do if I lose my internet connection during the auction?

If you are in the midst of an auction when you lose your internet connection, you might not be able submit the bid. Once your internet connection is restored, you have to login and enter the auction again.

Can I cancel my registration or register under a different company name?

No. You cannot cancel your registration

I've forgotten my account password. How can I sign in to my account?

Kindly click on the 'Forgot Password' link, enter your username and registered email ID and click on 'Email me a new password'.

Can I watch an auction online without registering to bid?

No. You cannot watch an auction unless you are eligible to participate in it.


What types of auctions are held at eAuction?

eAuction currently conducts two types of auction namely forward and reverse auctions.

What is a live auction?

A live auction is an auction which is being conducted at that specific time.

Is there a limit on the number of auctions I can win?

No there is no limit to win auctions.


How does a live auction work?

Once you log in to the system and enter a live auction, you will be able to submit a bid. Depending upon the time at which your bid is submitted to the eAuction server, it may be accepted or rejected. The bid submission time considers the microseconds of the time at which your bid submission request has reached the server. It does not depend on your PC/Laptop's local time.

How do I register to bid in a live auction? Do I have to register to bid for every auction in which I want to bid in?

Once you register yourself with an auctioneer in eAuction system, it is upon the auctioneer to invite you in future or live auctions.

Can I cancel by bid which already submitted?

No. Once you have submitted your bid, it cannot be cancelled or reversed. Before you bid is submitted, a message box clearly mentions the item name and the amount that you are going to bid for. If you do not want to submit, you can cancel the bid from that message box, but once the bid is submitted, you cannot cancel it.

What are bid increments/decrements in an auction?

Depending upon the nature of the auction, the bids may be increased or decreased in an auction. This increasing or decreasing bid amount need to have a bare minimum amount which is decided by the auctioneer before the auction starts.

What if I can't place my bids online? Is there any other way to bid?

You may call up the helpdesk to get clarity on any bidding related issue. The helpline numbers are given in the 'Contact Us' page.

How do I know if I won a bid or bids?

When you submit a bid, the server considers even the microseconds of the time at which the server has received you request. If your bid is the best bid and if it has reached the server before any other bid, then it will be accepted. In the end of the live auction, if your bid stands as the best bid, then further processes will be initiated by the system and/or by the auctioneer.

I can't make it, but I would like someone to bid on my behalf. Is this possible? Is there an automated bidder for me when I don't have time to bid manually?

You need to at least login once and set your best bid. There is such a facility of automated bidder.

How are the winning bidders determined?

At the end of a live auction, the best bid is presented to the auctioneer. The auctioneer may decide the proceedings about the auctions.

When will we know who the winners are?

The winner information may or may not be published by the auctioneer.

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