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Forest Area

Forest Area

Forest area of the state is 21909.00 km² of which 14769.58 km² area is reserved forest, 3001.40 km² is protected forest and 4102.44 km² area is unclassed forest. This constitutes 11.18% of the geographical area of the state.

  • District / Division/ Legal Class wise Map of Forest Area of the State: Forest GIS
  • Digital Map of the Forest Cover : Forest GIS

Change in Forest Area

The changes in forest area in the State is positive over the years. The change in the Forest Area of the State during 1991 to 2018, under the three categories of Forest Area is atTable 3 andFigure-3.Among the three categories of Forest Area, a significant increase has been reported in the Protected Forest Area during 2011-12 which has led to the noticeable positive change in the total Forest Area of the State. The Forest area of the state has exhibited consistent increasing trend from the year 2005-06 onwards. However, the significant increase in Forest Area in the state has been reported during the year 2011-12 as perTable 3 andFigure-3.

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