Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary
Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary

Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary


Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary

Jasdan taluka, Rajkot,
Phone : 99784 07724, 079 23221385

Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary

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About the Sanctuary

Hingolgadh Nature Education SanctuarySurrounded by rainfed arid land from all sides, this small wildlife sanctuary of Hingolgadh is a preferred habitat for Chinkara, blue bull and a very large number of resident and migratory birds. This sanctuary has a special ecological significance as the dry deciduous thorny forests and savannah type grasslands merge here. It plays a crucial role in the ground water conservation by recharging aquifers in the region. Declared as a sanctuary in 1980, the area has a high educational and recreational value.

The sanctuary is managed by Gujarat Ecological Education and Research (GEER) Foundation. Around 50-100 Nature Education Camps are organised by the Foundation every year during the monsoon season. The participants are generally school children.

Hingolgadh Nature Education SanctuaryThe plant species density is relatively high as there are 314 species of plants, such as- gorad, desi baval, kasedo, neem, gugal, thor, satodi, batkumi etc. in a very small area.

Hingolgadh Nature Education SanctuaryThe major fauna includes mammals like Chinkara, bluebull, wolf, jackal, fox, Indian porcupine, Indian hare, hyena, flying fox, etc. There are 230 species of birds and 19 species of snakes. Among the birds, Red-vented Bulbul, Green Bee-Eater, Spotted Dove, Shrike, Woodpecker, Indian roller etc. are common. The sanctuary has 19 species of snakes; of course not all of them are venomous. 16 non-venomous and 3 venomous species of snakes have been recorded from the area.

Address : Assistant Conservator of Forests,
GEER Foundation, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
Phone (O) : 079 23221385

Range Forest Officer,
Phone (M) : 98252 26403

Nature Education Camps

Range Forest Officer, Hingolgadh
Phone (M) : 99784 07724

Sanctuary Area : 654.1 ha.

  • The Nearest airport is Rajkot (77 kms)
  • Ahmedabad (200 kms. approximately)
  • The Nearest Town Vinchhiya (3 kms)
  • The Nearest bus station is Jasdan (15 kms)

The Nearest Railway station are :

  • Botad, 45 km
  • Gondal - 32 kms
  • From the onset of monsoon till the end of monsoon (July-October)
  • Bileshwar temple
  • Sarangpur Hanuman temple at the distance of 65 kms.
  • Hotels at Rajkot
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