Khijadia Bird Sanctuary
Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

Khijadia Bird Sanctuary


Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

Marine National Park, Van Sankul,
Nr. Nagnath Road, Jamnagar, Gujarat.
Pincode : 360001
Phone : 0288 2679357

Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

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About the Sanctuary

Khijadia Bird SanctuaryLocated near the coast of Jamnagar at a distance of 15 km. from the city. Khijadia Bird Sanctuary has an amazingly large number of resident and migratory birds in a relatively small area- particularly during winters. Declared a sanctuary in May 1981, the sanctuary is spread over just 6.05 sq. Km. However, the sanctuary and its adjoining areas bear a remarkable diversity of habitats and ecosystems which include marine habitat, fresh water habitat, marshy lands, mangroves, prosopis areas, salt pans, open mudflats, intertidal mudflats, creeks, scrubs sandy beaches and adjoining farmlands.

Khijadia Bird SanctuaryDue to its high diversity of landscapes, the sanctuary has a rare distinction of having maximum bird species density in the state with more than 220 species in a relatively very small area. This diversity has a special conservation value as it has several globally threatened species such as Dalmatian pelican, Darter, Asian open bill stork, Black-necked stork, Black-headed ibis, Eurasian spoonbill, Pallas’s fish eagle, Pallid harrier, Indian skimmer, Osprey etc. You may, therefore, reasonably hope to enjoy pleasant sighting of the pristine avifauna in large numbers.

Khijadia Bird SanctuaryKhijadia Bird Sanctuary is an outcome of two man-made structures (earthen reclamation bunds) in the midst of natural relief features. These bunds have been constructed to arrest fresh water from draining into the sea and to arrest the salinity ingress from the seaside. These dams have neatly separated fresh water from the seawater. Therefore, while you see seawater and related biodiversity on one side, you can watch fresh water and related biodiversity on the other side- with some species sharing both.

Black necked stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus)

Khijadia Bird SanctuaryGlobally threatened, Black-necked stork is a resident species of the Indian subcontinent. This large stork with black neck, long red legs and black bill forages singly or in pairs. It wades in shallow water and among aquatic vegetation with its bill open at the tip. Normally it breeds in September -December.

Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia)

Khijadia Bird SanctuaryWhite all over with black legs and a yellow patch at the base of its long neck, this bird is notable for its long, flattened, spoon-shaped bill. It holds it partly open, dipping into shallow water, and sweeps it from side to side, often as part of a group of birds advancing together, and in this way catches frogs, crustacea and other small bottom dwellers. It frequents pools, marshes and sometimes mangrove swamps.

Khijadia Bird SanctuaryEmergent aquatic vegetation includes Typha ungustata, Scripus sp., Cyperus sp. and Saccharum spontaneum. Under water plants include Hydrilla verticellat, vallisnaria spiralis and najas minor and some important tree species like - gando baval, deshi baval, piloo etc.

Khijadia Bird SanctuaryJackal, jungle cat, blue bull, mongoose etc.

Khijadia Bird SanctuaryPelicans, spoonbill, Indian skimmer, great crested grebe, little grebe, purple moorhen, ducks, coots, cormorants, herons, egrets, storks, ibises, gulls, terns, jacanas, darter, flamingoes etc. and many raptors.

Khijadia Bird SanctuaryAddress :Deputy Conservator of Forests,
Marine National Park, Van Sankul,
Nr. Nagnath Road, Jamnagar-360001, Gujarat.
Phone(O) : 0288 2679357
Sanctuary Area : 605 ha.

Visitors to Gir Sanctuary

Sr. No. Year Indian Visitors Foreign Visitors Total
1 2007-08 39926 5230 45156
2 2008-09 52676 4424 57100
3 2009-10 200420 5151 205571
4 2010-11 110054 5897 115951
5 2011-2012 385705 8498 394203
Khijadia Bird SanctuaryKhijadia Bird Sanctuary
Khijadia Bird SanctuaryKhijadia Bird Sanctuary
Khijadia Bird SanctuaryKhijadia Bird Sanctuary
Khijadia Bird SanctuaryKhijadia Bird Sanctuary
Khijadia Bird SanctuaryKhijadia Bird Sanctuary
Khijadia Bird SanctuaryKhijadia Bird Sanctuary
Khijadia Bird SanctuaryKhijadia Bird Sanctuary
Khijadia Bird SanctuaryKhijadia Bird Sanctuary
Khijadia Bird SanctuaryKhijadia Bird Sanctuary
  • The Nearest airport is Jamnagar (15 kms)
  • Ahmedabad (350 kms. Approximately)
  • The Nearest bus station is Jamnagar (15 kms).

The Nearest Railway station are :

  • Hapa - 5 kms.
  • Jamnagar - 10 Kms
  • October to March
  • Narara- 60 km. by road from Jamnagar
  • Marine National Park, Jamnagar
  • Good hotels at Jamnagar
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