Gujarat Marine National Park and Marine Sanctuary Conservation Society
Gujarat Marine National Park and Marine Sanctuary Conservation Society

Gujarat Marine National Park and Marine Sanctuary Conservation Society, Jamnagar

Gujarat Marine National Park and Sanctuary Conservtion Society was established on 3rd June, 2011 as a directive from the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. To protect and conserve marine biodiversity by utilizing the compensatory funds generated against the land of the Marine National Park and Sanctuary provided to the user agencies such as Thermal Power Station, Indian Oil Corporation and Gujarat State Fertilizer company. The main focus of the society is to strengthen and maintain marine biodiversity including mangroves and corals in and around Marine National Park and Marine Sanctuary. The key objective of the society is to facilitate action/activities, update information periodically, carry out research and studies to fill the knowledge gaps on marine biodiversity in the Gulf of Kachchh and Arabian Sea. PCCF (Wildlife) and CWLW is the Chairperson of the Society and the board members are from Govt. as well as Civil Society.

Goals of the Society

  • To conserve Marine biodiversity and its habitat for long term survival of biodiversity in the region.
  • To strengthen and maintain Marine biodiversity including mangroves and coral and its conservation at the MNP & MS and adjoining areas.
  • Address issue of man animal conflict in the regions.


  • To update information periodically about Marine biodiversity in Gulf of Kachchh and Arabian sea.
  • To facilitate action/activities for Marine bio-diversity conservation and protection in the region.
  • Landscape level research and studies to fill the knowledge gaps.
  • Mobilize and provide resources for persuing.
    • Management Plan prescriptions for management of the MNP & MS and other habitats in charges of the society.
    • Long term conservation plan of Marine biodiversity including mangroves, corals etc.
    • Capacity building and training programme for staff and local communities.
  • Enlist active participation of local communities in conservation.
  • To provide and facilitate integrated disaster management plan in the
  • region including oil spill contingency plan.


Membership of the society shall be of three types, i.e.

  • Individual membership : Any Indian citizen interested to pursue objectives of the society shall be eligible to become member of the society.
  • Institutional membership : Any Institution, corporation, company, organization or body, duly constituted under relevant law and interested in promoting objectives of the society shall also be eligible for membership of the society.
  • Government Nominees : State Government may nominate members of the society

For members of category (1) and (2) above, the society shall lay down rules and decide on admission and continuation of membership procedures. They shall not have any executive powers.

The state Government or the society may make appropriate changes in membership rules as and when necessary.

Membership Fees

Individual member
Annual Fees : Rs.250
Life Member : Rs.10,000

Institutional member
Annual Fees : Rs.10,000
Life Members : Rs.1,00,000

The society may make appropriate change in the membership fees as and when necessary.

Executive committee of the society

The Society shall have an executive committee, with following constitution.

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) and Chief Wildlife Warden, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar Chairman
A nominee of the DGF & SS. MOEF, Govt. of India Member
The Deputy Secretary, Forest & Environment Department looking after the wildlife matters. Member
A representative of the reputed NGO to be nominated by The Government of Gujarat. Member
Chief Conservator of Forests, Marine National Park, Jamnagar Member Secretary
Financial Adviser, Forest & Environment Department Member
Chief Conservator of Forests, Junagadh Member

The State Government shall have the right to nominate any other members in addition to the above.

The Society may co-opt, invite or appoint in the committee any other personal/ representative if it is of the opinion that such action is necessary in the interest of the cause of conservation.

Fund Generation and Utilization

The society shall have following sources for generation of funds:

  • The money received on account of N.P.V., compensatory afforestation, penal compensatory afforestation and allied from various user agencies for diversion of forest land for non-forestry purpose in MNP, MS and adjoining forest land.
  • By membership fee.
  • Funds obtained through donations, endowments, bequests gifts, contributions, adoptions, etc., from/by national and international sources
  • Grants and/or Grants-in-aid, recurring and non- recurring grants from the Central Government, State Government and Local Self Government bodies etc.
  • Other sources as may be developed by the society after due permission from appropriate authorities
  • The society may create and manage the corpus fund to achieve the goals and objective of the society.

The society shall be authorized to utilize funds accrued to it from above sources for various activities as per objectives of the society.

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