Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation is the most important wing of forest department for effective implementation of various activities of the forest department viz plantation and other activities. The physical verification was previously carried out by the concerned circles and division at their own choice. But it was not very effective. In order to improve this,standing order no.8 dated 03-02-2014 was issued by PCCF (HoFF). As per this order, now the plantations sites from 1 to 5 years are selected by this office on random basis and sent to the concerned circle for carrying out the verification. This method is very effective in creating the sensitivity of field staff for carrying out quality work. Moreover, as per the standing order 8 the monitoring of activities other than plantations are also carried by the monitoring wing.

There are also suggestions and guidelines for making a successful nursery and plantations. The main aim of the monitoring and evaluation is to improve the quality of the nurseries, plantations and other activities with ultimate objective of increasing the forest and tree cover in Gujarat State.

Head of the Wing

Dr. A. P. Singh, APCCF

APCCF Monitoring, Block B, 4th Floor,
Aranya Bhavan, Opp.St.Xaviers School,
Near Ch-3 Circle,Sector 10/A,Gandhinagar

079 232 54103

079 398 57205


Dr. A. P. Singh, APCCF
Monitoring & Evaluation
Forest Improvement in Dense Forest in Manka in year 2013-14 (Chhotaudepur Division)
Godhara Nursery – Kutch (West) Division (Feb-2016)
Strip Plantation (2013-14) along Sojitra-Runaj Canal (Anand Division)
Water Conservation – Nagrecha Check Dam (2008-09) in Kutch District
Strip Plantation in Ranipara (Godhra Social Forestry)
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