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1 30/09/2019 મકમ-૧૦૨૦૧૮-૭૧૭-ડી-૩ DFOs Retirement Order and Charge order 30/09/2019 DFOs-Retirement-Order-and-Charge-order-30092019.pdf (75 KB)
2 30/09/2019 IFS/102011/66/D-3 Consequent upon her repatriation from Central Deputation Smt Anita, IFS (RR-1997) is appointed as Chief Conservator of Forests, Kutch Circle, Kutch relieving Shri A. C. Patel, IFS of the additional charge of that post Order-of-CCF-Kutch-Smt-Anita-Karan-IFS-dated-30-9-2019.pdf (351 KB)
3 13/09/2019 IFS/102010/905/D-3 Promotion of IFS Officers to the Junior Administrative Grade of IFS 02.pdf (201 KB)
4 13/09/2019 IFS/102016/GOI-170/D-3 Appointment of Probationers of 2017 batch of IFS Officers as Supernumerary ACF 03.pdf (369 KB)
5 06/09/2019 મહક/૧૦૨૦૧૮/૭૧૭/ડી-3 Relieving Shri. Ram Ratan Nala, IFS, Director, Kevadia Jungle Safari, Kevadia from the post of DCF, Narmada Division, Rajpipla 01.pdf (210 KB)
6 31/08/2019 - Result of Office Assistant for 13th COP-CMS Result-of-Office-Assistant-for-13th-COP-CMS.pdf (179 KB)
7 31/08/2019 DIT/10/2015/Asst Dir/IT મદદનીશ નિયામક (આઇ.ટી.), વર્ગ-૧ નાં અધિકારીઓની સીધી ભરતી બાબત sahayak-it-class1-officers.pdf (994 KB)
8 27/08/2019 SFS/102019/04/D Office Superintendent Transfer Order Dated 27/08/2019 02.pdf (248 KB)
9 19/08/2019 મહક/૧૦૨૦૧૮/૭૧૭/ડી-૩ Shri. G. J. Fof, ACF (Training) to hold additional charge of DCF(Training) 01.pdf (127 KB)
10 29/07/2019 IFS/ 102017/24/D-3 Amendment in the forest and environment department order No. IFS/ 102017/24/D-3, Dated 15/09/2017 29-07-2019-Notification.pdf (1 MB)
11 17/07/2019 આર. ઇ. એમ.-૧૦૨૦૧૭-એસ.એફ.એસ.-૩-એસ-૩ Termination of Contractual Appointment of Shri. U. A. Vora, IFS, (Retd.) CCF 02.pdf (587 KB)
12 16/07/2019 મહક-૧૦૨૦૧૮-૭૧૭-ડી-૩ Additional Charges Order Dated 16/07/2019 01.pdf (170 KB)
13 15/07/2019 IFS/102008/2854/D(35)/D-3 Transfer of Smt. Aradhana Sahu, IFS as CF, Vadodara Circle Dated 15-07-2019 0416072019.pdf (1 MB)
14 12/07/2019 IFS/102019/384/D-3 PCCF Transfer Order Dated 12-07-2019 0516072019.pdf (1 MB)
15 12/07/2019 IFS/102008/2854/D-(35)/D-3 CF Tranfer Order Date 12-07-2019 0116072019.pdf (3 MB)
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