Sakkarbaug Zoo Management Advisery Society, Junagadh
Sakkarbaug Zoo Management Advisery Society, Junagadh

Sakkarbaug Zoo Management Advisery Society, Junagadh

The Forests and Environment Department of Government of Gujarat constituted The Sakkarbaug Zoo Management Advisory Society in 2007, to promote, support, assist and mobilize resources for management of Sakkarbaug zoo, raise awareness for wildlife conservation, ex-situ and in-situ conservation of Asiatic Lions and other endangered wild animals. The society is registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act,1860.

The society is governed as per the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Executive Committee of the society is chaired by the Chief Conservator of Forests, Wildlife Circle, Junagadh, The Director Sakkarbaug Zoo is the Member Secretary. The other members are Deputy Conservators of Forests, Sasan-Gir, Gir West, Gir East, Junagadh, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department, Junagadh, Nominee of the Principal, Anand Veterinary College, two individual & institutional members and one NGO to be nominated by the state government, The Financial Advisor, F&E Department.

The main source of income of the society is the collection of entry fees to the tune of around Rs. 2 Crores annually. The society provides funds for Wildlife Conservation with special emphasis on Gir protected area.


  • Conserve Asiatic Lion and its habitat for its long tern survival there by retrieving it from list of endangered species.
  • Facilitate reclamation of lost territories and thereby promote stable meta populations of Asiatic Lion with minimal man animal conflict.
  • Address issue of man animal conflict in the regions occupied by Asiatic Lion.
  • Provide health care and veterinary service to support the cause of conservation of Lion and its associate fauna.
  • Promote healthy eco-tourism in the region that shall contribute to increased awareness for need and issues of conservation locally as also globally.
  • Actively pursue eco-development in the region of influence of Asiatic Lion to:
    • Mitigate hardship of local population
    • Extend and make it aware of benefits of conservation and
    • Facilitate ecologically suited sustainable development of local population.


The Zoos or zoological gardens are described as facilities exhibiting wild animal for purposes of education, recreation, conservation and research. The National Zoos Policy states:

"The main objective of the zoos shall be to complement and strengthen the national efforts in conservation and strengthen the national efforts in conservation of the rich biodiversity of the country, particularly the fauna”

Thus Society in keeping with the above goal and have following objectives.

  • The society shall strive to inspire amongst zoo visitors empathy for wild animals, an understanding and awareness about the need for conservation of natural resources and for maintaining the ecological balance.
    The essentials inputs of apart observing live animals
    • Scientific information about the species
    • Scientific information regarding eco-system in which the species thrives and its role in the eco-system.
    • Relevance of the species in specific and the bio-diversity in general in conservation of the eco-system and relevance of the eco-system to the day to day life and of wellbeing of the people.

The society shall direct its efforts/program towards Gir and the landscape habitat of the lion while addressing this objective.

  • The society shall support the conservation of endangered species. Towards this objective the society shall support wildlife conservation in Protected Areas with special emphasis to the Gir protected area. It shall include following.
    • Facilitate research for health care and breeding of wild animals in captive also wild in coordination with the institutions of repute. Specific programme in this direction may target Asiatic Lion and its local associate.
    • Facilitate breeding programme of wild animals for ex-situ conservation, reintroduction and augmenting prey base in the areas claimed by the Asiatic Lion in the process of reclaiming its lost territory.
  • The society shall also facilitate functioning of the zoo as orphanage and rescue centre for wild animals so rescued from wild.


Government Nominees The Gujarat State Government or the Chief Wildlife Warden, Gujarat State, on behalf of the State Government, may nominate members to the Society.
Institutional Membership Any Initiation, corporation, company, organization or body, duly constituted under relevant law and interested in promoting objective of the Society shall also be eligible for membership to the Society.
Individual Membership Any Indian citizen interested to pursue objectives of the Society shall be eligible to become member of the Society.

For members of category (2) and (3) above, the Society shall lay down rules and decide admission and continuation of membership procedure. Government or the Society may make appropriate changes in membership rules as and when necessary.

Membership Fees

Individual Fees - Rs. 250/- Life Members Rs.5000/-

Institutional Member

Annual Rs. 10,000 Life Member Rs. 100,000

The Society may make appropriate change in the membership fees as necessary.

Executive Committee of the Society

The Society shall have an Executive Committee, constitution of which shall be as follow

Conservator of Forests Wildlife Circle, Junagadh. Chairman
Deputy Conservator of Forests Wildlife Division, Sasan. Member
Deputy Conservator of Forests, Junagadh Member
Honorary Wildlife Warden, Junagadh Member
Financial Advisor to Forests & Environment Department Member
Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry Member
Two Nominees form amongst Individual and Institutional members to be nominated by the Junagadh. Member
One NGO to be nominated by the Government Member
Zoo Officer, Sakkarnaug Zoo, Junagadh Member Secretary

The State Government shall have the right to nominate any other members in additional to or ins substitution of the above. The Committee may co-opt, invite or appoint in the committee, any individual /organization in the interest of the cause of the wildlife conservation.

The Society shall have following sources for generation of funds

  • By membership fee.
  • Funds obtained through donations, endowments, bequests, gifts, contributions, adoptions, etc., from /by national and international sources.
  • Grants and/or grant-in-aid, recurring and non-recurring grants from Central Government, State Government, Local Self Government bodies, etc.
  • Other sources as may be developed by the Society after due permission form appropriate authorities.

permission form appropriate authorities. The Society shall be authorized to utilize funds accrued to it from above sources for various activates as per the objectives of the society.

Expenditure for various activities shall be made as per Annual Plan of Operations (APO) duly approved the Chief Wildlife Warden.

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