Karuna Abhiyan
Karuna Abhiyan

The Other Side of The Kite Festival – Karuna Abhiyan

The Other Side of The Kite Festival – Karuna AbhiyanThe festival of Uttarayan (also known as Makar Sankranti in some parts of country ) is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm on 14th of January every year. The craze of flying kites is so high that millions of enthusiasts fill the sky with kites of all shapes, sizes, hues and colours. People of all ages fly kites from dawn to dusk. Crowded rooftops, fun-loving rivalry to outdo each other in flying kite skills and delicious traditional Gujarati feast are the hallmarks of the day. The surrounding is filled with screams of "Kaipo Chhe” (cut down) and "Lapet” (wrap the thread) through out the day.
But unfortunately Uttarayan is not only about fun, food and frolic; it has a darker side also to it. It brings along with it the dark red colour of death of thousands of innocent birds. Suddenly the sky turns into a battlefield becoming Kite vs Kite and Strings start severing wings. Men in the ecstasy of joy hijack the territory of these feathered souls for almost a week and the innocent birds become the victims of bloodshed, pain and suffering in their own home and space. The killer manja is the main culprit as the razor sharp thread of it cuts the bird’s wings like a sharp knife.

The Other Side of The Kite Festival – Karuna Abhiyan"Karuna Abhiyan" is an effort to save such injured birds. It is undertaken all over Gujarat with varying magnitude. In Ahmedabad it has been running for last many years. Previously it was being undertaken by individual efforts of various NGO's. But since last few years it is being undertaken in a much coordinated manner under the umbrella of Forest Department. Many government departments/organisation like AMC, GEC, GEER foundation, GPCB, Fire department,Police, Traffic wing etc also provide helping hand in the campaign.
The campaign has been able to save 32661 birds in last 13 years. The "Karuna Abhiyan-2018" saved 9752 birds.The success rate as been 92 % which is highest so far. In 2017, out of 7301 birds got injured, 6597 birds could be saved. This campaign is an excellent example to show what can be achieved when government and people join hands. Treating an injured bird is a professional job and is undertaken by experienced and competent hands. But even a common citizen can contribute just by spreading certain do's and don'ts.

  • Treatment Room : For treatment of hospitalized wild animals and birds.
  • X-ray Room : To take x-ray of birds and animals for detail investigation.
  • CR Room : To view the x-ray on the computer screen.
  • Laboratory Room : For detail investigation including blood parameters, faecal examination etc.
  • Operation Theatre : For conducting major operations of wild animals and birds.
  • Preparation Room : For sterlization of surgical instruments.
  • Doctors Cabin : To keep important documents, daily paper work and rest.
  • Forester's Cabin : For daily office work and resting.
  • Medicine/Store Room : To store medicines and other miscellaneous items.
  • Rescue Room : For keeping equipment related to rescue.
  • Recovery Room : To keep operated birds in room till full recovery from anaesthesia.
  • ICU : For serious case.
  • Pathology Room.
  • X-ray Machine
  • CR System
  • 10 Operation Tables
  • 7 Sets of Surgical Instruments
  • 2 Anaesthesia Machines Specially for Birds
  • 3 Medical Trolley
  • 2 Surgical Trolley
  • Operation Theatre Light
Year Rescued Birds Year Rescued Birds
2018 10571 2012 1629
2017 7301 2011 1554
2016 2558 2010 1310
2015 1397 2009 866
2014 1430 2008 894
2013 1715 2007 753
2012 1629 2006 683
2011 1554
Year Survival Percentage Year Survival Percentage
2018 92% 2011 93 %
2017 90% 2010 82 %
2016 85% 2009 68 %
2015 95 % 2008 72 %
2014 90 % 2007 70 %
2013 84 % 2006 68 %
2012 78 %

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