Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of units need licence for wood based industries?

The license is needed for following type of units: Saw mill (both horizontal and vertical), a veneer unit, a particle board, a block board unit, a MDF unit, a plywood (hot press) unit with or without slicer, Katha factory, Khair Gadhtari unit or any unit using any combination of more than one such unit.The details are available in GR dtd 8-8-2011.

Where to apply for the licence for wood based industries?

The license should be be applied at the office concerned DCF of the district. The contact address of the offices are available on the site.

What is the time expected in getting the license?

The issuance of new license is given only after thorough scrutiny of Centrally Empowered committee. CEC permits license based on the prevailing policy of the state subject to availability of growing stock. Since at present new licences are pending for even very old applications dating even before 2002 it is difficult to provide any timeframe. But whenever it is given it will be given as per the seniority based on the earliest application date.

Can I buy a license from another person? If yes what are the restrictions?

License which have been approved by CEC due to the fact that the units existed before 30-10-2002 can be bought or sold after five years of the original date of issuance of license. The officers having power to transfer licenses is provided in GR dated 9-6-2008. Other than such cases new licenses have been given or will be given as per GR dtd 1-10-2012. Such licenses can not be sold or bought.

What are the license conditions?

The license conditions are specified in the GR dtd 23-11-2006

When should the renewal be applied? What happens if there is any delay in applying for the renewal?

The issue has been comprehensively handled in GR dated 18-4-2012

What is SITCZ?

SITCZ means "Special Imported Timber Conversion Zone”. It basically comprises of 4 talukas of Kutch i.e. Gandhidham, Bhachau, Anjar and Mundra. Since these units basically work on imported timber the new licenses are not being restricted by growing stock availability. The licenses in these talukas can be obtained without much wait. The license fee etc are different for this zone. The details are covered by GR dated 9-6-2008, GR dated 1-12-2011 and GR dated 1-10-2012 for SITCZ.

These FAQ’s have been published merely for ready help in a language easy to understand. In case their interpretation differ from the rule position , the rule position would prevail.

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