Vigilance Saw Mill Flow Chart
Vigilance Saw Mill Flow Chart

Vigilance Saw Mill Flow Chart

At present only the past applications/ cases are being processed.The past applications have been categorised into following 5 categories

  • Issue of license of pasting machinery to units which shall work exclusively as pasting units.
  • The applicants who had applied for the licenses prior to 30.10.2002 but their applications could not be considered by the department.
  • The units established after 30-10-2002 and had applied in the year 2006 while preparing the provisional list but could not get the license because their date of establishment was not before 30-10-2002.
  • Those who had applied in wake of the advertisement dated 14-8-2010 but their cases could not be considered positively.
  • Permission for issuance of license of one horizontal / vertical band saw to those units which are having only one band saw.

So at present the only category for which application for new license can be entertained is
Category-1 i.e. for pasting unit.

The flow is as follows

Vigilance Saw Mill Flow Chart

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