Wild Ass Sanctuary
Wild Ass Sanctuary

Wild Ass Sanctuary


Wild Ass Sanctuary

Sanctuary Superintendent,
Dhranghdra, Surendranagar, Gujarat
Pincode : 363310
Phone(O) : 02754 260716

Wild Ass Sanctuary

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Indian Wild Ass (Equus Hemionus Khur)

Wild Ass SanctuaryWild Ass Sanctuary encompasses an area of 4953.70 sq. km. of the Little Rann of Kachchh and the districts of Surendranagar, Rajkot, Patan, Banaskantha and Kachchh. Easily spotted in big groups in the vast span of desert throughout the year, this population of wild ass is the only gene pool of Indian Wild Ass in the entire world and one of the six geographical varieties or sub-species surviving on the earth.

Owing to the uniqueness of the area and the existence of the rare and endangered species such as dalmatian pelican, lesser flamingo, sarus crane, caracal, desert fox, black cobra etc., the area is being considered to be declared as one of the world heritage sites. Internationally the area is recognized for its natural and geomorphological value and has high biodiversity conservation significance.

Wild Ass SanctuaryWith the arrival of monsoon the landscape changes dramatically, when entire sanctuary area is filled with shallow fresh water. This stagnant water offers a vast feeding ground to the famous Kachchh prawns and several other birds, fish and invertebrates.

This sanctuary attracts many internationally threatened birds like houbara bustard, dalmatian pelicans, hawks, harriers and falcons. Many of these birds migrate to this area, which falls on the migratory route of birds coming to Indian subcontinent Large portion of Little Rann of Kachchh has been covered by Prosopis chilensis. The other plants and trees are: Morad, unt morad, theg, dolari, khijdo, kerdo, mithi jar, kheri pilu, akado etc.

Wild Ass Sanctuary
  • The Indian Wild Ass is the major fauna and centre of attraction. The wildlife includes great number of birds.
  • Important animals- Wild ass, bluebull, hare, wolf, Indian fox, jackal, hyena, wild boar, desert cat etc.
  • Important birds- Houbara bustard, eagle, pale harrier, black shouldered kite, pelican, herons, spoonbill, greater and lesser flamingoes, great crested grebe, common cranes, etc.

Wild Ass SanctuaryAddress : Sanctuary Superintendent,
Surendranagar, Gujarat.
Phone(O) : 02754 260716

The headquarters of the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary is "Dhrangadhra" in Surndranagar district.
Sanctuary Area : 4953.70 Square Kilometers.

Visitors to Gir Sanctuary

Sr. No. Year Indian Visitors Foreign Visitors Total
1 2007-08 39926 5230 45156
2 2008-09 52676 4424 57100
3 2009-10 200420 5151 205571
4 2010-11 110054 5897 115951
5 2011-2012 385705 8498 394203
Wild Ass SanctuaryWild Ass Sanctuary
Wild Ass SanctuaryWild Ass Sanctuary
Wild Ass SanctuaryWild Ass Sanctuary
Wild Ass SanctuaryWild Ass Sanctuary
Wild Ass SanctuaryWild Ass Sanctuary
Wild Ass SanctuaryWild Ass Sanctuary
Wild Ass SanctuaryWild Ass Sanctuary
Wild Ass SanctuaryWild Ass Sanctuary
Wild Ass SanctuaryWild Ass Sanctuary

The Nearest airports are :

  • Ahmedabad (105 kms)
  • Rajkot (140 kms)
  • The Nearest bus station is Dhrangadhra (16 kms).
  • The Nearest Town : Halvad, 22 km.

The Nearest Railway station are :

  • Dhrangadhra - 22 kms
  • Ahmedabad - 100 Kms
  • Rajkot - 140 Kms
  • Post monsoon to winter
  • Mardak bet, an island, which has wood fossils, colourful stones, natural saline water springs and fresh water wells
  • The Rann within/near the sanctuary also has sites of geological, archaeological, historical and natural significance
  • Government and Private Rest House at Dhrangdhra, Bajana, Patdi and Jainabad.
  • Good hotels at Surendranagar.
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