India will be hosting the 13th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the conservation of Migratory Species of wild animals (CMS COP 13) in Gandhinagar, from February 15-22, 2020.

The Convention on Migratory Species (UNEP/CMS), also known as the Bonn Convention, aims at conserving terrestrial, aquatic and avian migratory species throughout their range.

For the COP 13, all the migratory and endangered wild animals which urgently need better conservation activities are represented by the Great Indian Bustard (GIBI).

The prestigious UN wildlife summit, held in Gujarat in 2020, represents a unique opportunity for national public & private stakeholders in wildlife conservation to observe the official debates and participate in promotional side events / exhibitions at the Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre in Gandhinagar.

For further information and to visit the CMS COP 13 see the announcements of the UNEP CMS and MOEFCC linked below. Note that each individual participant/observer is required to register with the CMS online registration system.

List of Hotels in Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar for COP - CMS

Details for Event Committees & respective Team Leaders - CMS COP 13 (Gujarat Forest Department)

State Government Officials Itinerary details

Event Broucher and HelpDesk of COP CMS

Registration of Service Provider

Webcasting of CMS COP 13

Other Details

Click here to see Photographs of COP CMS 13 event hosted by Gujarat Forest Department

13th Conference of Parties to the Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species Event Hosted by Gujarat Forest Department

Control Room of CMS COP 13




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